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Some Facts: Video Conferencing as a Service (VCaaS) for the western hemisphere was a $3.2 B dollar business in 2018. The Compound annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is predicted to be 19.11% for the next 5 years.

VCaaS has the potential to compliment your core business with profitable recurring revenue. Check out our Channel Program below.


RP1Cloud is a Poly Powered cloud solution that does it all.

  • No upfront investment capital
  • No minimum spend requirements
  • Full training provided inclusive of sales material to ensure success
  • Multi-language technical support provided to channel partners or direct to end user customers
  • Complementary demonstration accounts
  • Account Management team to help with strategic opportunities
  • Assistance from Poly sales associates and lead generation

Added Benefits for Your Business

  1. Recurring Revenue – to help with cash flow and increased business valuation
  2. Differentiate with an end to end Poly solution
  3. Grow and subsidize current video endpoint business
  4. Protect base of customers from competitors with a bundled cloud offer
  5. No upfront capital or onboarding expense.

Two Reseller Models to Participate in the Program

Wholesale Reseller

Sell on your own terms. Own the customer relationship.

  • Sell the RP1Cloud service to end user customers on Reseller Agreement

  • Purchase RP1Cloud branded solution at wholesale tiered costs

  • Apply mark-up or bundle to sell to your customers.

  • You provide the first level of technical support, then we’ll take over at Tier 2. Alternatively let us take care of all customer support.

  • We’ll provide you the training to help you train your customers, if required

  • Reseller responsible for end user invoicing

Commission Reseller

Sell the solution, collect the commissions – and leave account management and support to us!

  • Sell the RP1Cloud service to end user customers on RP1Cloud Agreement

  • Receive a royalty commission for the initial and subsequent subscription renewals and increments

  • RP1Cloud team to provide all technical support

  • End-customer onboarding is conducted by RP1Cloud Customer Success team.

  • RP1 team invoices end user subscription holder

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