Connect to meetings in-browser with WebRTC

The future of desktop video is in-browser, via WebRTC. No more plug-in downloads or soft-client launches - simply click a link from an RP1Cloud meeting invite and be placed into your video meeting directly. Users new to the RP1Cloud service are able to connect without confusion or delay. The browser-based join flow is as easy as a single click.


Highest Quality Browser Experience

Like all aspects of RP1Cloud, the browser experience maintains the highest quality audio and video available. It’s also simple and intuitive. Once in your meeting, all controls are clearly marked and labeled, with options to mute both audio and video, share content, and more.

Browser Logos

Use with Major Browsers

Beta version will work with three major browsers: Chrome, Safari and Firefox. No additional plug-ins are required for any purpose.

Meeting Controls

Participants can control elements of their meeting from inside the browser experience, including muting and unmuting microphones and hanging up.

Share Content

Share your desktop or an application via screenshare. Content streaming will replace video feed (as opposed to dual-screen sharing) in beta version.

Record Meetings

When entering the meeting as chairperson, you have the option to start and stop recording in-browser.

Bi-directional Audio/Video

Send and receive audio and video with meeting participants. Mute the mic or switch off camera with meeting controls.

Roster Display

See a real-time list of all participants currently in-meeting. View an icon beside the active speaker.

Text Chat

Augment the discussion with live, in-meeting text chat available to all participants.

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