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Upgrade your meeting spaces to RP1Rooms.

Leverage your existing infrastructure and enable the most reliable, secure, and simple video calls from your meeting spaces. There is NO SOFTWARE required to register.

Group Series Certification for O365

Why Register with RP1Rooms?

By registering, your endpoint now has a dedicated port and a simple, secure address. This provides the following benefits:

  • Provides heightened security. Safely receive calls from trusted devices. Safely turn on auto-answer without getting spammed.
  • Makes room-to-room calls fast and simple. Assign simple addresses to registered devices. Add those addresses to directory for quick access. Dial out from the portal to auto-answer devices for a Zero Touch Join experience.
  • Combine with RP1Cloud. Dial to registered devices using 7-digit dial string. User portal to dial out to several rooms simultaneously.
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Secure Calls

RP1Rooms are not vulnerable to security breaches. Receive inbound calls without worrying about being spammed. RP1Rooms registration provides the security to safely receive trusted calls from anywhere on the internet.

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Increased Call Reliability

An RP1Rooms call just works. By registering your room and dedicating a port resource, you can be certain that your calls will go flawlessly every time, while also guaranteeing system security. Reduce the rate of dropped calls, packet loss and freezing in low bandwidth environments.

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Personalized Dial-in Address

Simple dial strings mean easier connections. No more fumbling with complicated IP addresses or hashtag-based formats. Your RP1Room has a personalized address that’s as easy as an email address (boardroom@abc.rp1.cc). Easy to remember and easy to dial from any video endpoint connected to the internet.

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Call Room to Room

All RP1Rooms are available to be easily dialed to and from each other. Name your rooms and create favorites and pre-set options to place ad hoc calls to any system registered to RP1Rooms with one click.

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Unlock RP1Rooms Features using RP1Cloud

Use RP1Rooms as a standalone service or in conjunction with the RP1Cloud video service. RP1Cloud provides the highest quality audio and visuals in video conferencing today. Its virtual bridge provides an optimized meeting place where users can join from any room system, device, or telephone, as well as Skype for Business. Use RP1rooms with RP1Cloud to unlock:

Zero Touch Dial

Invite your RP1Rooms system to a meeting and have it auto-answer, effectively letting boardroom or huddle room participants join a meeting without having to touch a button. They just walk in the room and it’s live.

VMR Quick Dial

Call any RP1Cloud VMR using the simple 7-digit VMR number from your RP1Room. Program pre-sets and add VMRs to favorites for instant access. Use your RP1Rooms to connect with anyone, anywhere in seconds.

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Leverage Your Existing Room Setup!

RP1Rooms offers the simplest meeting experience with the easiest setup:

  1. Display

  2. Camera

  3. Controller

  4. Microphone/Speaker

500 12x with Touch

Customize Your Space With a Perfect Hardware Pairing

RP1Rooms is designed to work with your existing room system setup. But if you are starting fresh, your conferencing spaces require the right hardware to optimize the dimensions and layout. Cameras, microphones and speakers will play a huge role in making sure your meetings look and sound great. Check out some of our recommended Poly bundles to pair with RP1Rooms. Contact your Poly or RP1Rooms partner for purchase.

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