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Leverage your conferencing equipment to broadcast meetings

Host video conferencing meetings and stream them live to an audience of up to 500 viewers at a time. Your meeting and shared content is viewable on any device.

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How it works:

  1. Host your meeting with RP1Cloud. Our dedicated streaming service joins your meeting through the meeting invite.
  2. Your meeting is automatically broadcast to a static or custom link. The stream can have its own page, or be embedded in another.
  3. Share the link or point your intended audience to where the stream is hosted.

Reduce production costs to a fraction

Broadcasting a meeting or townhall used to involve expensive cameras and webcasting solutions. RP1TV brings the entire process in-house, allowing you to broadcast using the same conferencing equipment you use for your regular video meetings.

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The RP1TV streaming offer includes:

  • Up to 500 concurrent viewers
  • 2500 view hours per month (i.e. 500 people access live stream for 2.5 hours = 2500 view hours)
  • Can be applied over any number of VMRs
  • Static or custom video link for sharing
  • Embed code provided
  • Can be scaled and/or customized to meet specific requirements
  • RP1Cloud’s dedicated streaming service means simple, fool-proof video - no need to link with another service

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