Skype for Business

Workflow Integration

It's Skype for Business as Usual.

Organize and join Skype for Business video meetings with participants who are outside your network and are using other devices, including H.323 and SIP room systems. The best part? Your S4B workflow and layout remains the same - there's nothing new for Skype users to learn!


Workflow Integration will interest you if:

  • You’ve spent a lot of money on video conferencing hardware.
  • You’ve spent a lot of money on Skype for Business.

And you want these investments to work together (without an additional portal to manage) in order to:

  1. Use Skype for Business to organize a meeting without changing Skype workflow.
  2. Enable video endpoints to join Skype for Business meetings.
  3. Connect with people inside and/or outside your Skype network.
  4. Preserve all of your conferencing investments

Replace your bridge with RP1Cloud and take advantage of an OPEX cost model using your Skype 0365, on-premise or hybrid deployments. Take advantage of:


Meeting attendees can join via Skype for Business, telephone, or standards-base SIP/H.323 device or client.


Continue to book your meetings with the Microsoft-based process that you’re used to.


Share screen and content no matter how you you’ve joined the call.

Maintain the standard Microsoft workflow and look!

Organize meeting with the standard Skype for Business process.

Invite participants or room systems to join via Outlook.

S4B invite 500x

Join the meeting via Skype for Business or room system.

Join with a single click via Skype for Business

S4B Join Meeting

Join with a single click via room system

S4B Room System

Participants see the same meeting layout that they're accustomed to.

Skype for Business Meeting View

S4B Meeting View

Room System meeting view

S4B Meeting view room system

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